Top 50 Ukrainian startups of 2019

The majority of Startups in the Top 50 participated in pitches, conferences, performances of crowdfunding campaigns, their main achievements were published in the media.

The editors took into account innovative startup ideas, numerical indicators and a startup’s business model, experience in attracting customers and investments, the number of people in a team and their previous experience are also taken into account.

Startups that make a physical product and startups aimed at solving social problems, that is, social projects, were not included in the list. The organizers are sure that participation in the project will help startups find business partners, investors and tell the world about themselves.

The finalists were determined based on the results of the readers’ vote, the opinions of experts and the editors. The results are published in the online magazine More information about the conditions of participation and evaluation criteria can be found in the rules of the competition.


Predictive analytics automation from INTELSOFT TECHNOLOGIES

IntelSoft helps businesses better understand and predict internal processes, customer behavior, and external factors. The company’s solutions automate in-depth analytics for financial institutions, large manufacturers, retail and other industries. For example, in banks you can predict the default on credit, in production – the percentage of defective products, in commerce – sales and outflow of customers.


Interview automation application NUWORK

The NUWORK web application helps hire employees for entry-level jobs. The platform saves the responses of the candidates, and the initial interviews are conducted by virtual assistants. Suitable for network companies and outlets in the same city and more than 15 open vacancies every month.


Trademark registration bot PATENTBOT

PatentBot allows you to check whether a trademark is free and register it online in 10-15 minutes. The bot works in Ukraine, CIS and EU countries, Israel, China and the USA. The service is available on Facebook or as a web application.


Career guidance platform CHOIZY

ChoiZY’s online platform helps teens decide on a profession. They can watch video courses on professions for free, as well as pass paid tests for career guidance and get psychological advice.


Payment platform PAYCORE.IO is a payment platform for online businesses that allows you to receive and send money. Clients of the platform are medium and large online businesses and financial companies from around the world.


Telegram-bot REPORTAX

ReporTax is a bot accountant for PE. It allows you to pay taxes, check debts and submit reports simply in the dialogue format in Telegram. The cost of a bot by subscription is 75 UAH per month.


Platform for organizing online hackathons CASERS

The CASERS web platform allows representatives of business and the public sector to create assignments and involve universities, students and specialists in the solution. It can be any business or production task related to marketing, management, agricultural, finance, IT or another field.


Document management platform AXDRAFT

The AxDraft platform allows you to prepare a template for a legal document of any complexity in a few minutes, coordinate it and sign it digitally. This helps save up to 80% of the time for lawyers.


Service for marketers PLERDY

Plerdy is a service for marketers that helps increase conversions. It shows what users are doing on the company’s website and helps determine how to improve the design.


Recruiting platform SKYWORKER

The Skyworker platform helps hire technicians. Companies indicate which specialists they usually look for and get a list of engineers registered on the platform who fit the requirements. Skyworker then gives the business step-by-step instructions on how to develop the loyalty of these people and form a community out of them. When the company opens a vacancy, the platform will recommend the most loyal specialists.


Customer mood recognition platform UTRIGG

The uTrigg platform analyzes user behavior and determines their mood when interacting with a brand – for example, when a user fills out questionnaires on the company’s website. This helps businesses better understand their customers and increase conversions.


Marketing management platform GETPIN

Getpin is a platform that allows you to manage marketing in social networks, on Google and Apple cards, in OpenStreet Maps, Foursquare, 2Gis and other platforms. It collects feedback and customer questions, and also allows you to run advertising campaigns to attract local users.


Product accounting service QRSMARTY

QRSmarty allows you to apply a QR code to almost any object in the office, factory or warehouse. This helps the company control ownership, forecast and optimize purchases.


Application for quick registration of traffic accidents EUROCOMISAR

The Eurocomisar application allows you to register a minor accident in the Europrotocol in 10-12 minutes and send it online to an insurance company.


Real estate legal audit service MONITOR.ESTATE

Monitor.Estate is an online service for real estate buyers. With it, you can find out who the builder of the house is, whether everything is fine with the licenses, whether the house has appeared in litigation and much more. The service collects information from open data. One request costs $ 20.


Website for job search abroad RAZEM.WORK

The service helps Ukrainians find work in Europe. Employers place vacancies there, and candidates can contact them and agree on cooperation. Now on vacancies of companies from Poland are available.


Service for online stores LOOKSIZE

LookSize helps online store customers select the right clothing size in one click. It is enough for the user to enter their parameters in a special form, and the system will indicate the appropriate size taking into account the size grid of each brand.


Service for hiring designers PIZDATA

The Pizdata web platform allows you to hire a designer by subscription. Clients will be able to communicate with a specialist for a month without time limits.


Service for fitting glasses online ZIRITY

With ZIRITY you can try on glasses online in one click from any device. A client visits the store’s website, selects the pair he/she likes, then turns on the webcam and sees on the screen how the glasses will look on the face. This works on the sites of online stores that have bought the service.


Marketplace for DJs CLUBBERSPOT

Clubberspot is a marketplace where concert organizers can find DJs and vice versa. The platform also publishes a schedule of parties and other events related to electronic dance music.


Automated affiliate system COMIN

Comin allows website owners to earn money by selling products from third-party online stores. Startup is developing a widget that can be added to your website and post offers from partners there.


Mobile application for athletes PLAYSEEK

In two clicks, Playseek allows you to find nearby a sports ground for a football match or a company for a joint run.


Service for predicting increased blood pressure DIALIK

Dialik, taking into account the weather, predicts the risks of increased blood pressure and sends notifications about this to smartphones of users with hypertension.


Service for searching architects and designers HALLWAY.PRO

The service selects the right architects, interior designers, decorators, and landscape designers.


Recruiting platform TALENTSCAN.PRO

The TalentScan.Pro platform helps recruiters fill vacancies in the IT field. It searches for candidates upon request, analyzing their work experience from eight different sources: social networks and job search sites. This allows recruiters to save 40% of the time.


Party mobile app FLASHBEATS

FlashBeats analyzes the rhythm of music and creates light shows for each song. The light source is the flash of guests’ smartphones. In order for the devices to synchronize, the party organizer asks the guests to enter a special code into the application on their smartphones. You can connect an unlimited number of people.


Augmented reality platform ARENA

ARena platform allows you to improve any business by connecting augmented reality without initial costs: after downloading 3D models become available in a mobile application to all users in a matter of minutes. They can be placed on sites, sent in instant messengers and in any other way.


Online interview platform PLAYHUNT

On the Playhunt platform, you can conduct an online interview with a candidate for a vacancy. So recruiters spend less time on live interviews in the office.


English language practice application WELLSPEAK

WellSpeak allows you to practice conversational English and receive feedback on the level of your speech. The application is based on speech recognition technology. The free version has a limited number of phrases. The paid functionality is wider.


Marketplace VR INN

VR Inn is a marketplace of games with virtual reality technology, which involves the entire body of the player. Here, independent developers can offer their games to owners of virtual reality clubs, quest rooms or amusement parks.


Online consultation and vet call service VETONLINE.PRO is a marketplace where you can consult a professional veterinarian chatting or call a doctor at home. Both services are available 24/7.


The platform for creating chatbots ACTIVECHAT

Activechat allows businesses to create a chatbot or automated virtual assistant that “understands” the natural language and can recognize the emotions of the interlocutor. Such a bot can answer users’ questions well.


Financial management online service FINMAP

FINMAP allows a business to automatically generate financial reports in one click. The service collects data from the CRM system, Internet banking or the company’s website. Or they can be entered manually through the Telegram bot.


Service for integrating online applications APIX-DRIVE

ApiX-Drive allows for five minutes and without the help of programmers to “make friends” with each other various applications and services: CRM-systems, advertising panels in social networks, online chats and more.


The platform for achieving business goals AHUNDRED

Ahundred is a platform for companies with 50 to 250 employees. It helps businesses set goals and monitor their achievements, as well as monitor performance in departments or teams.


Insurance platform SPOKK

SPOKK is an online platform where you can buy an insurance policy in a few clicks. The main advantage that insurance payment will arrive on your bank card within a few minutes.


Personal shopping assistant COSTLESS

In the Costless mobile app, customers can view information about products and stores, compare prices, search for promotions, find stores nearby, make online orders, and store discount cards. And brands, shops and coffee houses, in turn, have access to communication with users and analytics about prices, purchases, and visitors’ behavior. The service works in Ukraine and Lithuania.


Photo reservation platform WANDER WAY PHOTO

The Wander Way Photo platform brings together more than a hundred photographers around the world who take pictures of people on trips, engagements and other special events. Also, customers are helped to choose a place and the best time for a photo shoot. Customers receive processed photos five days after shooting, it is five times faster than usual.


Service for animated banner ads creation BANNERBOO

The BannerBoo service allows you to create advertising banners with animations online, which you can then use in advertising networks like Google Ads, Yandex and AdRoll. The product is used by marketers, designers, webmasters, owners of online stores.


Memory and speed-reading trainer READLAX

The Readlax app offers online brain exercises and helps you learn speed reading.


Service for finding plumbers SUPPORT

SUPPORT is a plumber search service. Clients describe the problem on the site and leave contacts. A master contacts them and offers his services. The average response time of a specialist is 20 seconds.


Investment management service SIMPLE INVEST

Simple Invest allows Ukrainians to invest in stocks of international companies, buy private or government bonds and withdraw profits without visits to the office of a broker or bank.


Document management platform EASYDOC.AI

The platform allows you to simultaneously work with a large number of documents. The user uploads templates to the system, and then can create documents with one click, coordinate them with colleagues and add an electronic signature.


Apartment design & repair marketplace DESNOVATION

Desnovation is a marketplace where designers place ready-made interior concepts, and apartment owners can choose what they like and buy online. Then on the platform you can choose a contractor for repair. Desnovation freezes the work fee until the repair is ready.


Marketplace for appointment to beauty salon specialists MAVKA APP

The Mavka App mobile marketplace allows you to quickly select a beauty specialist by price, rating and location, and then sign up to it.


Software for training in virtual reality BYOWLS STUDIO

ByOwls Studio develops training virtual reality simulations for large industrial companies in the field of metallurgy, energy, engineering, logistics and others. Main idea to create similar conditions in simulation as in real life and train and test users in dangerous situations.


Service for the restaurant business QRWAITER

The QRWaiter service allows you to place orders in cafes and restaurants through QR codes. The visitor scans the QR code, the restaurant menu opens in his phone’s browser – there you can create an order and send it to the waiter. This allows you to quickly serve the guest and insures the restaurant against confusion in orders.


Application for booking a table in restaurant THESTOL

Thestol is a mobile application for booking a table in a restaurant online.


Hotel management system EASYMS

EasyMS is a cloud-based room reservation management system. It allows hotel managers in one service to manage reservations from different online channels like Booking and Hotels24.


Insurance platform PANZLY

Panzly is a platform where you can buy online insurance in case of flight cancellation or delay for more than two hours.

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