Game Development / Virtual / Augmented Reality

We specialize in game development and VR / AR projects

We are using Unreal Engine 4 to create gaming experiences for PC and VR. Our C++ developers can transform your ideas into reality

Virtual Reality for gaming and architectural projects

VR and AR solutions are used by variety of companies for example:

In medical purposes for the rehabilitation of patients after injuries or the prevention of certain diseases.

By real estate and interior companies for sales.

By industrial companies – for training in complex equipment.

Of course, one of the most profitable is still the gaming industry which is moving at a tremendous pace to this type of technology.

We adapt to the ever-changing VR market and always use only advanced development technologies

VR/AR for industrial and commercial projects

These technologies are actively used for Internet commerce, and sales in showrooms where you can easily select and test the product virtually.

Also, industrial solutions are giving the opportunity to design and present large commercial objects.

We develop cutting-edge VR simulators in Health and Safety