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Virtual App turns your device into a virtual joystick and virtual camera

We developed Virtual App to transmit and receive data of device location in space between the device and PC – it is used in conjunction with our Virtual Plugin. The change of position and rotation of the Android/IOS device is broadcasted wirelessly to the PC using ARCore/ARKit. It is already implemented on Unreal Engine 4…

Virtual Plugin

New AR Technology Changes Game Dev Industry

Over the past six months, our team has been working on the implementation of the idea that will allow using the phone as a tool for developers and designers who work on UE4. Soon, possibly it will be available for other game engines, and design programs. The main idea is to use a smartphone as…


Autodesk VRED or Unreal Studio Product Viewer

In this article we will take a closer look into the differences and similarities of two products – Autodesk VRED and Unreal Studio Product Viewer. Autodesk VRED is a software that was developed especially for industrial design. It is used mainly for necessities of the industrial field. This software has a wide toolkit for work…