Rival Rides VR Party Game

Multiplayer Cross-Platform Project


ByOwls Rival Rides Pico VR


ByOwls Rival Rides PC VR

Meta Quest

ByOwls Rival Rides Meta Quest 2 VR
ByOwls Rival Rides Avatar


We have developed reward and leveling systems that allow players to unlock a plurality of avatar skins to personalize their gaming experience, enhance their in-game persona and truly immerse themselves in the game world.


Thanks to our development of an Inverse Kinematics system for the avatar’s body, the game has reached a new level of interaction comparable to social VR platforms. This technical element was achieved through the use of advanced development methods and proves a high professional level of our team.

ByOwls Rival Rides Kinematics UE4


Efficient optimization was one of our key goals in the development of the game. We focused on optimizing both the code and the graphics to ensure its compatibility with the Android platform, which allowed us to launch the game on Meta Quest and Pico.

Amazon Web Services

The game’s primary focus is multiplayer, and to achieve this we are utilizing various AWS tools, including GameLift, Lambda, and DynamoDB. These tools enable us to offer seamless and engaging multiplayer experiences for players.

ByOwls Rival Rides AWS
ByOwls Rival RIdes Lobby


Players can enjoy an immersive social experience in the virtual world of Rival Rides VR game thanks to its dynamic multiplayer mode, which enables them to interact with one another in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence

Game AI opponents are designed to engage players, providing a constant challenge that encourages players to improve their skills through strategic gameplay. By offering a varied range of opponents, players can continually challenge themselves to reach new heights.

ByOwls Boss AI Rival Rides

Level Generation System

The level-generating system in endless-runner game types has been carefully crafted to ensure accurate replication and include advanced functionality for spawning interactable objects, providing players with a varied and engaging experience.

User Interface

A unique feature of the game`s UI is the player’s avatar model, which mimics all the player’s movements and is utilized to preview the skins. This allows players to see how the skins will look on their character.


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