ByOwls Development Team

We are a team of enthusiastic experts, driven by innovation and love for creativity

Our mission is to create really impressive experiences like no one else. We create unique and breathe taking scenes through technical innovations and amazing design features. We work with multiple platforms to create the best VR experience for marketing, architecture, and gaming areas.
For our Clients, we provide VR production services including creative concepts, 360 view, design concepts, and VR/ AR postproduction using the latest technologies and software.

We design high/low 3d characters, weapons, environments, vehicles, and assets to provide our clients with realistic AA-level models for different areas: from construction and medicine to gaming industries.
We are using Unreal Engine 4/5 to create gaming experiences for PC and VR. Our C++/C# developers can transform your ideas into reality or virtual reality.

ByOwls Team

Our HQ is in Ukraine and we are a pretty small company – a team of 10 ( developers, designers, QA)

We are working together for 3 years and our experience makes us confident about every project’s success.


We have based our company values on honesty and quality producing unique, innovative solutions for our clients. We like to work with ambitious companies that are passionate about invention and pushing the boundaries not only creatively but also with business strategies that will give them a competitive edge.