Virtual Production in your Android device Unreal Engine 4

This technology allows you to turn Android devices into a virtual joystick, as well as into a virtual camera, which will be useful for designers and developers who create new game mechanics and work with models and game cameras.For local Video Streaming, we use our streaming system which works in Play Editor and can be used with Sequence Recorder. For remote Video streaming, we are using Pixel Streaming Plugin and it works only in a Standalone Game and in a compiled project.

Virtual Camera System in your Android device

The plugin allows to use of any objects in the scene, including all blueprints, cameras, etc. and moves them in real-time in the game scene using the Virtual App, which transfers the movement and rotation data of an Android device in space.

How to setup a Virtual Camera in Unreal

How to configure a virtual camera to work with nDisplay

Tutorial on how to work with Virtual Plugin in off-axis projection nDisplay