Virtual App turns your device into a virtual joystick and virtual camera

Virtual App UE45

We developed Virtual App to transmit and receive data of device location in the space between the device and PC – it is used in conjunction with our Virtual Plugin. The change of position and rotation of the Android device is broadcasted wirelessly to the PC using ARCore. It is already implemented on Unreal Engine 4 and will also be integrated into Unity, Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D.

The plugin allows to use any objects in the scene, including all blueprints, cameras, etc. and move them in real-time in the game scene using the Virtual App, which transfers the movement and rotation data of an Android device in space.

This technology allows you to turn Android devices into a virtual joystick, as well as into a virtual camera, which will be useful for designers and developers who create new game mechanics and work with models and game cameras.

We don’t limit ourselves by working only with a virtual camera, although this functionality is also present in our development. We developed the Virtual App for Android – it is the tool, that allows you to move not only the camera but also any other objects inside the scene in real time. Our plugin – Virtual Plugin for UE4 supports the simultaneous use of multiple devices. Based on this tool, it is possible to develop different multiplayer game mechanics – this applies to both the game camera and any other objects in the game.

3d software and engines

Our goal is to create a unified tool for developers, designers, and animators who can animate their objects or record videos with one movement of the phone. Moreover, the most promising way to use it is the ability to create game mechanics that will allow gamers to use the app as a joystick/camera, etc. We plan to implement the product on five platforms: UE4, Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Blender.

Virtual Plugin

The app is planned to be free until we get a sufficient number of users, allowing us to switch to the sales of monthly or annual licenses, both for users and for companies. The paid version will include product updates, as well as a wider range of tools that will be implemented in the app.


Working with virtual
cinematic camera

Using it like joystick for single games and simultaneous
use of multiple devices for a collective game

Works like virtual reality helmet